Trades in Bakshu Academy


Soldier GD-General Duty

Soldier (General Duty) are the backbone of the army and consist mainly of fighting troops apart from other trades. You could be enrolled into Arms or Services. The duties will be as under:-

1. Arms. In Arms you could join the Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, Engineers or Army Air Defence (AAD) as fighting troops, drivers, operators, gunners etc and many other General Duties.

2. Services. In Services you could  be enrolled into Army Service Corps (ASC), Ordnance, Army Medical Corps (AMC) on General Duties, operators, drivers etc.

Soldier NA-Nursing Assistant-Army Medical Corps

The Army has its own hospitals and polyclinics. All kinds of specialists are present in Army Hospitals. Each hospital and polyclinic requires Nursing Assistants to assist the doctors, look after the patients, work in the Operation Theaters, account for medicines in the medical stores and administer first aid. We thus require dedicated candidates with a science background with Biology to be enrolled as Soldier Nursing Assistant..

Soldier NA-Nursing Assistant-Veterinar

The Army has certain units which have horses, mules and dogs. The mules are used in difficult terrain to maintain the troops in far flung areas. These mules become the lifeline of the troops and hence the mules have to kept healthy and fit. Dogs are used for specialist tasks like sniffer dogs, bomb disposal, tracking etc. They too require handling, training and to be kept fit. We thus have our own hospitals and doctors who treat the animals and keep them fit. We thus require candidates with Science background who will work in Veterinary Hospitals, look after the animals, work in the Operation Theaters, account for medicines in the medical stores and administer first aid when required.

Soldier Tech-Technical

The army has weapons, vehicles, equipment which are required to be operated and maintained. We require candidates with a science background and aptitude for electrical, mechanical and other technical fields.

Soldier TM-Tradesmen

Each unit and Headquarters (HQ) of the Army is self contained in maintaining itself in all respects. It is like a society which is fully self sustaining and not dependent on outside help. Each unit has a strength of 600-1000 personnel who live within a compound and get all support from within that compound/society. Thus each unit has its own langers, stores, living quarters and lines, offices, gardens, vehicles and equipment. There is thus a requirement of a lot of support staff to run various institutes and to maintain the unit area.

1. Chef. The troops have to be fed. Each unit has its own cook houses. Food has to be provided to troops three times a day apart form other requirements. We thus require qualified, dedicated cooks who have an aptitude for cookery.

2. Hair Dresser. Being a self sustained society each unit has its own barber shops and barbers who maintain the upkeep of the troops.

3. Store Hand. Each unit holds lot of stores like rations, clothing, equipment, oils and lubricants etc. These stores have to be maintained in a good condition so that they can be used by troops. We require store handlers who will be able to maintain these stores, account for them and assist in maintaining their service.

4. Animal Store Holders. Units with mules and dogs have equipment and rations as per their specific requirements. There are  harnesses and clothing for the animals, medicines, rations(hay), etc. These are stored till they are required to be used. The stores are required to be maintained in a serviceable condition. We thus require candidates who will be Store Holders and will assist in maintaining all this equipment and stores for animals in a serviceable condition.

5. Ferrier. The mules require special care. They have to have their hoofs maintained. Shoes have to be put and maintained. We require candidates who are conversant with this work.

6. Pioneers. Many a time labour is required to work on certain sites, lift loads, work on certain construction sites etc. The Army cannot hire casual labour for certain sensitive tasks. We thus require labour to do the tasks of handling stores and working on construction sites.

7. Postal. The Army has its own Post Offices and service to cater for all official correspondence. These Post offices are manned by army personnel. We require candidates to run these Post Offices and receive and despatch ‘dak’.

8. Steward. Each unit has its own Officers Mess which caters for the food requirements of the officers especially in field areas. We require dedicated staff who can assist in the Mess and serve food to the officers in a hygienic and pleasant manner.

9. Artisan (wood). The Army needs candidates who have the knowledge and expertise to work as carpenters. Candidates with ITI qualification or traditional knowledge are preferred.

10. Artisan (Painter). A lot of equipment has to maintained and marked / numbered as per specifications. Candidates with painting skills and expertise are required for the job.

11. Artisan (Tailor). Each unit has 600-1000 troops. Their uniforms are required to be maintained to high standards. Normal wear and tear has to be repaired. Candidates with traditional skills or ITI training are required for the job.

12. Artisan (Metallurgy). Candidates with traditional skills or with qualification from ITI are required to work as blacksmiths.

13. Artisan (Musician). The army units have their Military Bands consisting mainly of Drums, Trumpets and Pipes. Candidates with knowledge of reading music, traditional knowledge or liking for music and /or training in music may apply for the same.

14. Equipment Repairer. The shoes and equipment of troops have to be maintained in serviceable condition especially in field areas where there is no outside support. Cobblers are required to repair shoes and other canvas/leather equipment. Candidates with traditional skills or training are required for the job.

15. Kennel Man. The army has its own specialist dogs for guard duties/sniffers and trackers. We require dedicated candidates who love dogs to work as their handlers and look after them.

16. Washer Man. The uniforms of troops and officers have to be maintained to a high standard. We require candidates with traditional skills and / or training/experience to serve as washermans.

17. Mess Keeper. Each unit has an Officers Mess. Personnel are required to assist the cook in his daily tasks and to clean the utensils and kitchen everyday. Candidates keen on a ‘Masalchis’ job can apply.

18. House Keeper. The unit area, lines, toilets, offices, gardens, roads have to be cleaned and maintained everyday. We require dedicated candidates with knowledge and skills for the job.

JCO-Junior Commissioned Officer-Religious

Religion is a very important part of every Indian. Religion provides great strength to soldiers in difficult times. Each unit has its Mandir/Masjid/Church. There is a requirement of candidates who are conversant with the scriptures and who can carryout the ceremonies in the religious places. We require Pandits/Maulvis/Padris to firstly run our religious places and also serve as Psychological Counselors for the troops.

JCO-Junior Commissioned Officer-Catering

The Army runs certain large training Institutes and Messes which require to feed large strength of personnel. Also there is a requirement that the food provided is wholesome with the correct nutritional intake. There is thus a requirement of candidates who are qualified/trained in catering services and who will be able to run our Messes.
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